The disappointing thing most men think about the size of their penis

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Picture: iStock

Does size really matter? It's the age-old question. According to one recent study, it certainly seems to matter to men.

A survey carried out by medical advice website Dr Ed found that while the average perceived penis length is 14.1cm for men, they think the ideal length is actually 16.6cm.

That's a whole 2.5cm of low self-esteem.

Dr Ed also found that Austrian people had the longest perceived ideal length of the countries surveyed - at 17.6cm. The UK had the shortest at 14.2.

But that is still longer than the average penis length - 13.12cm when erect, according to a 2015 study.

As Dr Ed concludes:

Perceived ideals reliably outpace the perceived average size almost everywhere – yet notions of what's "big enough" are far from universal or agreed-upon. Depending on location and cultural context, a man of average or even above-average size, unfortunately, still has ample opportunity to perceive himself as inadequate.

You can read the full report here

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