The five biggest recipients of foreign aid from the UK

Wednesday 28 January 2015 17:30

Labour has accused the coalition government of ploughing £1.8billion of its foreign aid budget into headline-grabbing projects instead of more useful schemes.

Here is a breakdown of where UK foreign aid has been spent in the 2014-15 financial year.

Selected major projects

Bangladesh: Primary education development programme

Budget: £62.7m

Ain: To provide quality primary education to all children

Sierra Leone: Kerry Town Ebola treatment facility

Budget: £53.5m

Aim: To provide a specialist Ebola centre for healthcare workers and the local population

Nigeria: Justice for All programme

Budget: £52.2m

Aim: To improve the capability, accountability and responsiveness of the key organisations in the security and justice sector

Nigeria: Stability and reconciliation programme

Budget: £38.4m

Aim: To enhance efforts to identify and respond effectively to potential sources of violent conflict

Burma: Support for conflict-affected people and peace-building project

Budget: £27m

Aim: To meet more of the basic humanitarian needs of refugees and displaced and persons in conflict-affected border areas

Other areas

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