The Daily Mail has found a reason holidays are now more expensive, conveniently forgets to mention one thing

The Daily Mail has become very angry at currency trading firms.

Saturday's front page splash highlights how some traders are offering a near one-to-one exchange rate euros on the pound.

The story rages:

Moneycorp was offering just 1.0002 euros per pound at Bristol Airport on Thursday when the market rate was 1.17504 euros.

The story also concedes that this is a result of the pound falling in value, yet Brexit takes a secondary seat to the 'rip-off' tactics of foreign exchange bureaus charging more than the market rate (which has always been the case).

Buried in the final paragraph are the reasons these firms cite for greater disparity from market rate at the present:

Travelex said its rates took into consideration 'volatility in the market'. And Koko Sarkari, of ICE, said it generally does not charge commission online but does in airports 'due to higher operating costs'.

Ie: Brexit has created rough times for currency and that's the primary reason for a near one-to-one exchange rate.

And who encouraged that, again, we wonder?

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