The majority of people think they would make a good judge

Louis Dor
Saturday 06 February 2016 12:30
(Picture: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

You're a good judge of character, and of right and wrong, aren't you? Thought you'd say that, most people do.

A new survey by YouGov Daily has shown 68 per cent of us think that with the proper training, that we'd be a good judge, compared to only 28 per cent who think otherwise.

The online survey also showed that a majority (57 per cent) thought they'd be affected in making decisions by their level of tiredness.

Meanwhile 50 per cent also believed current judges' decision making was affected by how tired they were.

31 per cent believed that they wouldn't be affected by tiredness, 3 per cent doing so while thinking current judges are affected by fatigue.

Essentially, how we see things is such:

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