The man who 'helped create' Donald Trump has turned against him

Radio host Glenn Beck has criticised Donald Trump for choosing Stephen Bannon as his White House chief strategist and senior advisor.

Bannon is head of “alt-right” website Breitbart News, which has been associated with efforts to preserve “white identity” and compared cancer with feminism. Lovely stuff. Democrat politicians have even linked him to the Ku Klux Klan.

Beck said in an interview on CNN:

Breitbart is a platform for the alt-right.

He has given a voice and power to that group of people. You don’t empower people like that. It’s not smart.

He has empowered those people through Breitbart.

But an article on the Daily Beast explains how Beck actually might have helped the rise of Trump by igniting our love of conspiracy theories. And we know Donald Trump loves a good conspiracy theory.

Back in 2006, Beck mentioned on his show, the Glenn Beck Program, a conspiracy theory relating to a gradual deepening of the female voice correlating with increased gender equality. He compared this with two clips of Hilary Clinton speaking, one where her voice was lower.

The article states:

With Glenn Beck’s entrance to cable news, what was once relegated to pamphlets and shortwave radio was granted a prime time slot for millions of nightly viewers for the first time.

With Donald Trump’s rise as the Republican nominee, disreputable conspiracy theories have been given yet a bigger stage. And after a decade of much of his party’s base being encouraged to credulously adopt them with minimal standards for factual accuracy, conspiracy theories have unprecedented purchase in 2016.

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