Meet the man who wants to create a new nation for the world's refugees

Picture: Fox News/Screengrab

Amidst the world's growing migration crisis, Jason Buzi has come up with a novel idea to help the 60 million displaced people no one else seems to want - to create a new country just for them.

The California real estate mogul hopes that the new land - if it can be found - would see people of different cultures come together to create a tolerant place and that jobs could be created from altruistic foreign investors and large-scale infrastructure projects.

“It’s almost shocking to me that nobody’s talking about this as a solution,” Buzi told the Washington Post about "Refugee Nation".

We have a lot of stateless individuals all over the world right now. The idea is, if we could give them a state of their own, at least they’d have a place to live in safety and be allowed to live and work like everybody else.

  • Jason Buzi
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