The map of world based on every country's major export

Louis Dor
Tuesday 26 July 2016 18:00
Picture: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The UK's biggest export is manufactured goods, while Ireland's is computers.

This is according to the Transforming World Atlas report by the Bank of America Merill Lynch.

The map acts as a reminder of the global economic dependence on oil, as the swathes of dark blue on the map attest to.

Some of the most important exports to countries are very obvious, such as coffee in Guatemala, whereas some are a little surprising to the trade novice, such as precious stones in India.

Canada's biggest exports are to do with cars, while Greenland and Iceland make their business in fish.

South America sees a mix of agricultural products, natural resources and machinery and transport equipment.

European markets are primarily based around machinery, while Asia and Africa have economies based around natural resources.

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