The map that shows where British people really come from

Louis Dor
Thursday 28 July 2016 11:00

The most Anglo Saxon part of the country is Yorkshire and the Humber, according to a study of the UK's ethnic history.

AncestryDNA looked at DNA in saliva samples from 15,000 members to find the proportion to which people in regions around the country were Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Western European and Scandinavian.

Picture: Louis Doré/Carto

The average person in the UK is, according to the results, 36.94 per cent Anglo Saxon, 21.59 per cent Celtic, 19.91 per cent Western European, and 9.2 per cent Scandinavian.

Scots have the highest amount of Finnish and North West Russian blood in them (1.31 per cent), while English residents had more Scandinavian and Western European origins than any other.

Meanwhile Welsh people were more likely to hail partly from Spain or Portugal (3 per cent).

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