The most controversial advert of 2015 is back

The most controversial advert of 2015 is back

The controversial Protein World advert campaign that was banned by advertising watchdogs due to “concerns” over its weight loss claims is back – in America.

A large billboard featuring bikini-clad model Renee Somerfield alongside the slogan “Are you beach body ready?” in New York was tweeted by Somerfield who asked "what's up Times Square?"

A spokesperson for Protein World told they had "just launched" the New York campaign while "LA is being planned as we speak". As for whether they are planning to launch in other countries? The spokesperson said: "Just USA and UK for 2015 ;-)".

The adverts caused mass outrage when they appeared on the London underground with protesters defacing them on the basis they were "body-shaming". A petition campaigning for the removal of the advert reached almost 50,000 signatures within just a few days while thousands joined a Facebook group named 'eachbodyready' set up to protest to the images.

In April the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the advert from appearing in Britain in its "current form".

A spokesperson said: "We've met with Protein World to discuss its 'Are you beach body ready?' ad campaign.

"It's coming down in the next three days and, due to our concerns about a range of health and weight loss claims made in the ad, it can't appear again in its current form.

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