Find Dancing Man: A social media campaign to warm the heart

The internet might make a lot of promises about restoring your faith in humanity, but this story could do just that.

It begins last month when an anonymous user posted on 4chan a picture of a man dancing at what looked like a gig.

The accompanying text reads: "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing."

So far, not very faith-restoring, but wait, we promise this is a feel-good post.

The 4chan image was re-posted on Imgur, where the fact that someone had seemingly taken such pride in being so horrible to someone just having a bit of a dance upset a lot of people, some of whom wanted to do something nice for the man in the picture.

The cause was led by Cassandra Fairbanks, an activist and writer based in Los Angeles for the Free Thought Project, who started a campaign to do something nice for the man.

Well, guess what? A day later, they've found him!

Cassandra told that the #DancingMan is a Londoner named Sean. He's currently out of the country but will be "free for an adventure" in two weeks.

She said that seeing the initial photo of Sean "broke all of our hearts".

I wanted to do something nice for him. I sent out a tweet and spread like wildfire. Now we are keeping in touch as me and my lady cult, GNI (not actually a cult) plan an incredible party.

Stressing that it had been a group effort to find Sean, a group of women from every industry is now planning a massive party for Sean in LA, where presumably there will be dancing, a lot of dancing.

"We will make it awesome," Cassandra added.

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