The NRA is somehow more popular than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Ah America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave, where George W Bush is more liked than Barack Obama, Fox News is the most trusted network and, now, the National Rifle Association is more popular than both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Despite a year in which 305 mass shootings have occured, 58 per cent of Americans surveyed by Gallup said they had a favourable view of the gun rights group, compared to only 35 per cent who had an unfavourable view.

This showed a rise of four per cent marking 'favourable', compared to the last poll of its kind by Gallup in 2012.

As Fox News reported, compared to Gallup's approval ratings for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the NRA also comes on top.

Obama’s approval sits at 46 per cent, while Clinton’s is at 39 per cent (margin of error is ±2 percentage points).

However comparing politicians to issues can be problematic, as 'supporting', ie voting for politicians, isn't the same as agreeing or disagreeing with a stance on gun rights.

In September, David Cameron polled at 47 per cent, whereas Jeremy Corbyn was at 31 per cent and Tim Farron was at 8 per cent, all low ratings as supporters of other parties aren't inclined to say they approve of rival leaders.

So by the same logic from polls from the last few months:

But, overall:

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