The numbers that show how private school pupils still dominate our society

Virtually every key profession in the UK is dominated by privately educated pupils, a hard-hitting new report has shown.

Research by the Sutton Trust education charity, which campaigns for equal access to education for all, shows that their grip on power is most noticeable in the judiciary, where 74 per cent of judges in the High Court or Court of Appeal were privately educated.

  • Almost one in three MPs (32 per cent) were privately educated - as were half the members of the Conservative Cabinet

  • Even in Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet, 13 per cent of members went to private school. Nationally, the figure is just 7 per cent

  • 71 per cent of top Army officers - two-star generals and above - went to private schools. Only 12 per cent attended comprehensives

  • In medicine, 61 per cent of doctors were privately educated while just 16 per cent went to comprehensives

  • Nearly half the top actors - 42 per cent of Bafta award winners - went to private schools fuelling criticism made in the past month that the profession is becoming more elitist

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