The one party that didn't submit a video message to the NUS conference may surprise you

This year has seen a surge in support for the Green Party, with membership in England and Wales surpassing 60,000.

A lot of that newfound support has come from younger people, especially as Natalie Bennett's party has pledged to scrap university tuition fees.

Which is why some people may be surprised to hear that the Greens were the only party not to supply a video message to the NUS conference in Liverpool.

The NUS told the Greens "failed to submit" a short film that would have played on screens during breaks in the conference.

All the major parties submitted videos, even the Lib Dems, apart from Ukip, which was not invited to.

Nick Clegg's video message, in which he remarks "I can imagine you are as surprised in receiving this message from me as I was surprised in receiving the invitation to deliver this message to you", has so far been met with a "mixed response" from delegates in the hall.

The NUS told "As Nick Clegg himself acknowledges in his message to delegates, the broken tuition fees pledge has caused a great deal of anger amongst students as reflected in the Liar Liar billboard campaign, and remains a highly divisive issue in the last legs of the general election campaign – and so nobody will be greatly surprised to hear that the video from Nick Clegg received a ‘mixed response’ from delegates in the hall.

“Students are calling for a new deal from all politicians, and so it was important to hear from the political parties about what they would offer if elected, as well as the longer term challenge of rebuilding trust in politics."

On why Nigel Farage was the party leader not asked to submit a video message, the NUS added: "Last year’s NUS national conference passed policy opposing Ukip, including particular opposition to their anti-immigrant rhetoric. Their policies and what they stand for are in stark contrast to the values of NUS, and so we chose not to dedicate time from our conference for a message from them."

The Green Party told it only received a request for a video message from Natalie Bennett yesterday and she was busy campaigning in Sheffield.

"However, we are still intending to provide a video about why students should vote Green, which the NUS have said they are happy to share on their channels," a spokesperson added.

You can watch all the messages, including from Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon, here:

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