The only country which prefers Trump over Hillary won't surprise you

Picture: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Picture: Scott Olson/Getty Images

There have been a few scary polls around as of late, if you're in any way afraid of the prospect of President Donald Trump.

It turns out, according to a recent poll by YouGov, that group of people includes most of the G20 countries - the one notable exception being Russia.

The survey of 20,000 people found that 17 of the G20 countries favoured Hillary Clinton by a margin of 20 points or more, while Russia favoured Trump by 21 points.

Factor in the narrow lead that Hillary Clinton holds over Trump in the US in the latest YouGov poll, and the US is second bottom on the list of G20 countries that favour Hillary the most.

It's all a bit close for comfort, isn't it?

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