The political party Nigel Farage thinks is 'openly racist' (clue: it's not Ukip)

Nigel Farage has explained that there is one "openly racist" political party in Britain, and it's not Ukip.

While claiming that his own party is "all-embracing", the Ukip leader said media attention should instead be focused on the "anti-English" SNP.

Speaking at a campaign event in Hartlepool on Tuesday, Mr Farage claimed: "The SNP are openly racist. The anti-English hostility and the kind of language that is used about and towards English people is totally extraordinary."

If my supporters behaved in the way that some of those pro-independence supporters behaved in the referendum I'd have been painted out to be the worst person that had been seen for 70 years in British politics.‎

  • Nigel Farage, speaking to ITV News
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