A comic printed in the pages of The Sunday Times has captured the trouble with foreign policy and international relations.

As an apparent thirst for war grows in the wake of the Paris attacks - which left 130 dead - Tory ministers have called upon opposition MPs in a bid to cement support for Syrian air strikes.

David Cameron has said bombing Isis militants in Iraq will make the UK safer, but not all agree.

Diane Abbott, shadow international development secretary, spoke to crowds during an anti-war demonstration in Westminster at the weekend, saying:

David Cameron has not made the case for bombing Syria.

At this point, I do not believe that bombing Syria will make it safe, any more than bombing Iraq made Iraq safe, bombing Afghanistan made Afghanistan safe and bombing Libya made Libya safe.

Protest have forced many to call into question who the West see as enemies and allies, as this image by Peter Brookes illustrates.

We see Isis as a "barbaric death cult", yet maintain relations with Saudi Arabia - a Kingdom infamous for mass execution of its own people and foreign nationals...

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