The rejected Nigel Farage poster that could have kept us in the EU

James Somper@jsoomper
Saturday 24 September 2016 14:30
(Getty Images)

Yet another rejected pro-Remain campaign poster has emerged from the post-referendum dust.

Commissioned by Britain Stronger IN Europe, the official, cross-party campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union, the poster which was produced by the advertising agency Saatchi&Saatchi, depicted a smiling Nigel Farage with the caption: “Don’t wake up having done something you regret".

The poster was never run publicily. A report in the Times claims that Downing Street deemed it "too personal".

According to the Times' Philip Webster, failure to use the poster, alongside another of Boris Johnson "in a woolly hat knocking on the door of No 10", was vetoed because of a certain amount of overconfidence in the days leading up to the referendum.

It was considered to be unnecessary, potentially counterproductive and, again, too personal. Cameron had given orders to avoid personal attacks on Johnson.

The poster is part of a list of Remain attack posters which never saw the light of day in the weeks and months before the 23rd June:

"Project Fear" might have failed, but with the result so close, one has to wonder if the thought of waking up next to Nigel Farage might just have swung a few voters the other way...