Police say they are treating the attack at a London Underground station on Saturday night as a terrorist incident.

Because witnesses alleged that a man at Leytonstone station shouted "this is for Syria" while attacking others with a knife, some people started to link the incident to the decision made by politicians last week to bomb Isis targets in the country.

While terror analysts warned last week that Britain was under an increased risk from terror attacks following the decision to bomb Isis, others were very quick to make the point that there is only one person responsible for such a heinous act: the person alleged to have done it.

As Tim Eaton, Middle East analyst at Chatham House, told the BBC last week when asked about the decision to bomb Isis:

We're already being targeted. France wasn't targeted [in Paris] just because it was bombing [Isis]. We can't duck out of policy because we're scared of retaliation.

However, he did make one final, pertinent point:

But we have to ask - is this the best way to fight Islamic State?

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