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Picture: iStock/Getty

There are foods that we think are good, but are actually really, really bad.

We've all had that sinking feeling when you finally realise a food that was both delicious and healthy is in fact only one of those two things. The two are, as ever, mutually exclusive.

For instance, the dark bit of the avocado is much better for you than the tastier lighter bit.

Yeah. We just ruined avocado for everyone. Deal with it.

In an endeavour to route out the impostors, New Scientist has conducted a study into so called 'superfoods' to see if they live up to their moniker.

Examined under the bright lights of the laboratory were popular foods such as quinoa, coconut water and dark chocolate.

The results showed that many 'superfoods' were not so super, and their health benefits had been greatly exaggerated. Even the foods that did include good nutrients were often sold in a more expensive form than was necessary.

We're sorry to do this to you:

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