The super-rich who have donated money to Tony Blair's big causes

Tony Blair has raked in millions in donations for the charities he supports from his super-rich contacts, documents unearthed by The Sunday Telegraph have revealed.

Here are some of the benefactors to whom the former prime minister owes a debt of gratitude.

1. Victor Pinchuk - £320k

The Ukrainian oligarch gave the Tony Blair Faith Foundation £320,000.

2. Bill Gates - £500k

The Microsoft founder donated £500,000 to the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) last year.

3. Paolo Pellegrini - £1m

The Italian-born financier gave AGI £1m.

4. Haim & Cheryl Saban - £1.065m

The entertainment mogul gave at least £415,000 to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, while his wife has given £650,000 to a women’s charity run by Cherie Blair.

5. Oleg Deripaska - £300k

The Russian oligarch spent £300,000 co-funding Breaking the Climate Deadlock, an initiative run by Mr Blair, which lobbied governments over climate change.

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