The truth behind those perfect Instagram photos

Instagram is food blogger heaven.

Food gurus post their artistically assembled eggs benedict, harvested from organic chickens, topped with a light and pretentious sprinkling of cheese and nestled between two slices of avocado.

Because you’ve got to have the avocado.

And while these amateur cooks give you intense food envy, you can’t help but question if their life is really as perfect as it seems.

I mean come on

Well, five family food bloggers have teamed up with Wren Kitchens to lay bare the lies:


The post-production process rivals pro photographers...

Californian Mum in London

And believe it or not, cooking is messy...

Budding Smiles

And most of the time the process is not all that pretty

The Grow so Quick

Basically, there's an actual life behind that arty beef sirloin...

Working Family Food

So if your kitchen looks like a construction site of food, it's ok.

Everybody else's does too.

Pictures courtesy of Adrian, Wren Kitchens

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