The women showing that no one is ever 'asking for it'

One of the biggest rape misconceptions according to Rape Crisis is that you get the blame for a sexual assault if you wear tight clothing.

A new campaign attempts to show how untrue that is. Rape Crisis South London teamed up with photographer Perou to take photos of women from the streets of London to launch their new campaign This Doesn't Mean Yes. It aims to support the idea that a woman is never "asking for it" through what she wears.

“Recent news stories, as well as our lived experiences as women, have made it clear that, well over a decade since the Sexual Offences Act 2003 came into law, there is still an alarming lack of general understanding of what consent is, fuelled by old-fashioned and sexist victim-blaming myths that are still far too widespread," a spokesperson for Rape Crisis told

The founders say that they "really want women to feel good about themselves rather than feel blamed".

The Rape Crisis movement is rooted in grassroots feminist activism so we’re delighted to see and in full support of a campaign like this, instigated by individual activists, which uses joyful and diverse imagery of ordinary women sending a clear message.


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