Pietro Boselli has been charming students and the world due to his ripped bod, and a brain the size of a planet.

The expression "smart is sexy" usually means that being a know-it-all will get you laid (it doesn't).

In the case of maths lecturer Boselli, "Smart is sexy" is literal, he seems to have turned his brain power into muscle gains.

Boselli is an engineer from Italy, and previously lecturered in mathematics at University College London.

Now aged 28, Boselli began his PhD candidature at UCL in 2010, when he came to the attention of his students and the world.

During his candidature, Boselli co-authored a paper entitled 'An Inverse Design Based Methodology for Rapid 3D Multi-Objective/Multidisciplinary Optimization of Axial Turbines'.

You don't even care about his mind do you? You're just here for the pictures.


His career began when he was younger:

Boselli achieved his PhD in February 2016.

Behave yourselves.

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