The worst seat on the aeroplane is about to get a whole lot better

The middle seat on an aeroplane could be considered equivalent to the seventh circle of hell.

But, with any luck, it's about to get a whole lot less rubbish.

A new and exciting seating concept, which aims to speed up the boarding and subsequent exiting of a plane, could revolutionise air travel forever.

How? By making the worst seat on the plane, not as bad, of course!

The Side-Slip Seat, developed by Hank Scott of Molon Labe Designs, consists of aisle seats which slide on top of middles seats, creating more room while getting on and off-board.

To accommodate this fancy piece of transport engineering, the middle seat is set lower and a few inches back compared to its neighbours, thus giving occupants vast inches of room for elbows and making it far easier to avoid accidentally touching your fellow passenger.

At present, the idea is just that, an idea.

However, Scott is reportedly working with the National Institute for Aviation Research in a bid to have his design certified for use in commercial aircraft.

H/T: Mashable

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