There's now a petition to throw Scotland out of the UK
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The state of politics in the UK leaves much to be desired.

Theresa May is struggling to articulate the government’s plans for Brexit, much to the ire of the nation.

There have been a number of unanswered questions; what will a post-Brexit UK look like?

An overwhelming 62 per cent of people in Scotland voted to stay in the EU, and the decision to leave prompted cries of another Scottish referendum.

In the most recent turn of events, Nick Joannou started a petition - signed by almost 8,000 people - to remove Scotland from the Union.

According to the petition page:

What is the benefit of the Scots in the Union? What financial situation would we find with them in it or out of it? What are these transfer of powers likely to mean for people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Naturally, Twitter took up the cause and #ThrowScotlandOut began trending...

Except the campaign sort of backfired...

In a big way

And Scottish people started to list all the ways Scotland's Union membership benefited Britain

In fact it all got rather awkward

Needless to say, politics in the UK circa 2016:

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