There's something very wrong with this Daily Mail cover

The Daily Mail's Weekend magazine has landed in hot water after some inconsistencies between two of different covers was pointed out.

Times journalist Kaya Burgess noticed that the cover featuring female newsreaders from July 4th presents them in a uniform line, with uniform grins.

The most recent cover, of male newsreaders, shows the men arrayed in various seating or standing positions, and they are permitted a fair amount of individuality in countenance.

The latest cover story celebrates 60 years since the "birth of the TV newsreader" - while the July 4 cover helpfully points out, it's also 60 years since the first news broadcast given by a woman.

It's also been noted that on the female cover, the description of newsreaders as "finest female newsreaders", is a qualifier not used on the male cover.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if women were described as the best in their profession, not just the best their gender can offer in the profession? Or - perish the thought - men and women could appear on the same cover?

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