The exit poll says it could be a hung Parliament and everyone is saying it's a disaster for Theresa May

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The exit poll for the 2017 general election was released on Thursday evening, and to say it's 'interesting' would be a bit of an understatement.

The results of the poll, collected and processed by broadcasters including BBC and Sky, predicted that Britain is headed for a hung Parliament.

Theresa May, who triggered the election with a gargantuan majority in the polls over her main opponent Jeremy Corbyn, is projected to only take 314 seats in total.

12 short of a majority. And 17 fewer than what they had previously.

Britain elects summed it up pretty succinctly.

People couldn't really handle the news.

When Mrs May called the snap election, she maintained that an increased majority would strengthen her hand during the Brexit negotiations.

It was also widely believed that she would utterly annihilate the Labour party in the process.

However, over the past few weeks Labour and their leader Jeremy Corbyn seem to have slowly clawed back voters and popularity.

The irony that Theresa May has possibly been an architect of her own failure has not gone unnoticed.

Mrs May didn't need to call this election, she could have remained Prime Minister until at least 2020 thanks to the fixed term parliament act.

People think she has truly tripped herself up.

Oh no indeed.

It's a long night, and exit polls are not 100% accurate.

Things change.

But it's fairly safe to say...

This isn't the result that Mrs May was hoping for.

A number of people are making this valid point.

Regardless what happens, this doesn't look good for the leader of the Conservative party.

Tory HQ must be rather strange right now.

It's just all over the place.

Theresa May has lost a lot of respect.

A fake parody account perhaps summed it up best.

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