Harry Potter and Brexit are very similar when you think about it. Bear with us here...

They are both fantasy worlds that don't exist, will be impossible to actually make happen in any conceivable form, and both have been conceived by middle-class white people.

Surprisingly this won't be the first Potter-Brexit analogy that you'll hear today.

With Westminster starting to resemble the final scenes of the Deathly Hallows,a Tory source told journalist Ross Kempsell that Theresa May turning to Labour is a bit like Voldemort having his soul broken.

This very accurate reference to Voldemort soul's getting transformed into the seven Horcruxes is fitting, but perhaps a bit much, as all Theresa May did was ask Jeremy Corbyn for a bit of help in breaking the Brexit deadlock.

It's not like anyone has actually been murdered or anything like that. Still, it's not like a Tory politician to over exaggerate something.

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of reaction to this tweet, so here are some of the best.

It really isn't the best look for the Tories to compare themselves to Voldemort, is it?

Others were just completely dismayed that they have to read about another Harry Potter reference.

It also inspired this hilarious thread from author and historian Greg Jenner.

Although we can't speculate on who said this, all we're saying is that Steve Baker seems to know his fantasy fiction...

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