Where is the best place in the world to be young? If you're from the UK, you have a long way to travel to find it.

The second annual YouthfulCities Global Index has found that Sydney is the greatest city in the world for young people to live and work in.

The index ranked 55 cities in terms of youth population, education, employment, nightlife and culture, among other criteria.

The best cities for young people:

The index places a strong emphasis on base wages when weighting, measuring all costs as relative to one hour of minimum wage work in the cities rather than by a fixed currency.

As such, Sydney scores well because it has the highest minimum wage of cities in the index at £10.88, compared to London's £6.70 for those 21 and over.

London ranked 23rd in the index, with the 20th best value takeaways, 19th best minimum wage, 23rd best-priced eggs (!!) and 12th best value toothpaste.

Caracas in Venezuela was the worst value city, of the 55 measured in the index, with the worst value eggs, gyms, taxi rates, movie prices and takeaway prices.

The worst cities for young people:

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