These are the 10 most hated brands in Britain

These are the 10 most hated brands in Britain

Ukip has been voted as Britain's most hated brand, beating the likes of Starbucks, Ryanair, McDonalds and even the Conservatives.

The survey, however, coincides with an ICM poll which shows that David Cameron’s party is now on 36 per cent in the opinion ratings, compared to Labour which fell by one point to 32 per cent and Ukip who fell by two points to nine per cent.

Here are the 10 most hated brands:

1. Ukip

2. Conservatives

3. Marmite

4. Ryanair

5. Labour

6. Lib Dems

7. McDonalds

8. Starbucks

9. Facebook

10. KFC

And here are the 10 most loved:

1. Amazon

2. Cadbury

3. Walkers

4. Heinz

5. BBC1

6. Google

7. Kellogg's

8. Boots

9. Tesco

10. ITV

Advertising agency Isobel surveyed 1,500 British adults to find both the most loved brands in Britain and the most hated.

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