These are the 10 worst places to be a girl in England and Wales

The quality of your life can vary massively depending on where you live in England and Wales, a new report has said.

According to the report, by Plan International UK and the University of Hull, Middlesborough is the worst place to be a girl, while Waverley in Surrey was the best.

Overall the report showed that inner city areas struggled the most across the five criteria - GCSE results, teenage conception rates, childhood poverty, life expectancy, and percentage of girls aged under 18 not in employment, education or training.

The below map from Statista shows the ten worst areas to grow up as a girl:

The ten best were as follows:

1. Waverley
2. Rushcliffe
3. Chiltern
4. Mole Valley
5. Epsom and Ewell
6. Rutland
7. Elmbridge
8. Wokingham
9. St Albans
10. East Hertfordshire

Lucy Russell, the UK girls’ rights campaign manager for Plan International UK and lead author of the report, said:

It’s clear that despite being one of the richest, most developed countries in the world, girls don’t have equal rights and equal life chances across the UK.

A government spokesperson said:

We are committed to building a country that works for everyone – no girl should be held back in life just because of her gender or where she lives.

We have given schools clear guidance on ‎sex and relationship education and products to help them discuss body image with their pupils, so they can learn to respect themselves and others.

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