These are the 19 best countries in the world to be gay

Louis Dor
Saturday 25 June 2016 17:20
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David Cameron has given his final pride speech as prime minister.

I’m so proud that the UK is rated as one of the best places in Europe for LGBT+ equality.

There is, of course, more that can be done by us all to make sure people can live the way they want to live and realise the dreams they have.

That’s why I introduced the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, so people in this country could celebrate their love for one another, regardless of their sexual orientation. And what a fantastic change that has been for our country.

It’s why we continue to insist on zero-tolerance approach to homophobic bullying everywhere.

It’s why we need to do more in other often-overlooked areas, such as the care for elderly members of the LGBT+ community.

In addition, cabinet minister Justine Greening has chosen this moment to reveal she is in a same-sex relationship.

A quick look at the response tells you a lot about our attitude as a country.

Even George Osborne broke his post-Brexit silence:

Here's how the UK ranks in terms of LGBTQ rights in Europe, according to the rainbow index, 3rd.

Picture: ILGA

And here's how we rank for social tolerance on the Legatum Institute's prosperity index - 60th overall (although this factors in more minority discrimination than LGBTQ).


Happy Pride, everyone!

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