These are the biggest issues in the UK, according to the public

New Year, new UK? Not really, we’re most concerned about immigration again.

Ipsos-MORI’s monthly issues index for January 2016 shows the public is still preoccupied with immigration and the number of those who cite it as an issue is only going up.

Defence, foreign affairs and terrorism had risen to the top of the index for December (42 per cent of top mentions), but has since fallen to become the fourth placed issue (23 per cent of top mentions).

Immigration has risen in concern by six per cent since December (46 per cent of top mentions) to reclaim the top spot in the nations chief concerns.

The NHS rose by four per cent to take the second spot in the rankings, with 38 per cent of top mentions by individuals.

Concern for immigration peaked at 56 per cent four months ago in the index, and for a quarter it is presently the most important single issue facing the country.

Normality is restored, we guess.

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