¡Salud! is a word you might want to practise before visiting Panama.

The tiny country recently came top of 42 selected countries for access to beer, with 77.92 kilograms per person, out of data compiled for the the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation.

According to Central America Data, thirsty Panamanians make are part of a $390million (£252million) a year industry. Although British brewing giant SAB Miller owns 66 per cent of the market share in Panama, local brands are growing and there’s even a fledgling craft beer movement.

In India, despite the country's prominence as a beer producer with brands such as Kingfisher, India’s huge and diverse population only has access to 0.39kg of beer per person per year.

Unsurprisingly, quite a few predominately Muslim countries have the least access to beer, with Bangladesh (.01kg per capita per year) and Pakistan (0.02 kg) coming out on the other end of the sobriety spectrum.

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