These are the Labour and Tory seats at risk from Ukip

In his speech that closed the Conservative Party conference David Cameron likened a vote for Ukip to "going to bed with Nigel Farage and waking up with Ed Miliband".

While we let that mental image fade, it's actually not just the Tories who could lose out to Ukip at the next general election - Farage's party represent a clear and present danger to Labour's hopes of a majority as well.

Research published by the Labour-affiliated Fabian Society claims most Ukip supporters are in safe Tory seats and while Ukip could affect Tory fortunes in 67 seats, only 13 of these are on Labour's target list.

In comparison, there are 59 seats where Ukip support could scupper Labour's chances, including 39 Conservative-Labour marginal.

This "rising tide" could threaten Labour's hopes in 22 marginal constituencies, while the Tories face the same threat in only 11 key seats.

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