The European countries with the most and least trust in others have been revealed in the 'Hows Life?' 2015 survey of OECD countries.

A survey featured in the report measured, among other criteria, trust in the police, in the legal system, in the political system, and in other people.

The countries with the highest average trust across the four categories were:

The countries with the lowest average trust across the four categories were:

The UK ranked 13th out of the 32 countries surveyed, scoring 6.4 for trust in police, 5.5 for trust in the legal system, 3.8 for trust in the political system and 6.1 for trust in others.

To view the full results for each country, hover over the relevant country with your mouse in the visualisation, below:

(Note: Malta could not be shown in the visualisation, but scored 6.3 for 'Police', 4.9 for 'Legal', 5.7 for 'Political' and 6.2 in 'Others'.)

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