These are the worst offending countries when it comes to carbon emissions

While China is often cited as the main offender when it comes to carbon emissions thanks to its huge population, the figures can sometimes be misleading.

As data compiled by the World Economic Forum shows, while China did produce the most greenhouse gases for the latest year on record, the US has actually pumped more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the past two decades (149.1 million tonnes compared to China's 140.8 million).

Similarly, on a per capita basis, the Middle Eastern emirate of Kuwait has a far worse record of emissions than China, and is followed by other net exporters of fossil fuels like Brunei, Qatar and Oman.

On the flip-side, while China also produces the most energy from renewable resources (23.29 per cent of the global total), that pales into insignificance when compared to its total energy market.

Instead, it is northern European nations like Norway, Sweden and Latvia which lead the way in producing the largest percentage of their energy from renewable resources ahead of the crucial climate summit in Paris this November.

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