These brothers played an incredible prank on their sister when she was high on anaesthetics

These brothers played an incredible prank on their sister when she was high on anaesthetics

These two brothers took sibling banter to a whole new level when they convinced their sister Millicent, who had just had her wisdom teeth removed and was high on anaesthetics, that there was an imminent zombie invasion in their town.

After surgery, she'll be high on medication...

We're going to convince her that a Zombie outbreak has hit our city


They told her the authorities had issued a dire warning...

State and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism.

Stay in place until further notice.


The hysteria is quick to set in

A phone call from mum 100 per cent confirms that she's in on the joke:

You need to get home right now

Millicent gets understandably agitated when her brother tells her they have to stop...

And while she's waiting for her brother, she lets the full extent of the situation sink in..

She calls a friend to try and make sense of things... but even he's in on the joke too...

Her brother packs a garden hoe in the boot of the car and Millicent is really not happy with that

A garden hoe is not what we want. We have guns. Why are you putting garden equipment in the car?

Good point there.

Then her brother tries to teach her how to use a litter grabber for self-defence and she doesn't quite understand...

What is this supposed to do for me? Get me a knife. How am I supposed to defend myself?

Things come to a head when they tell her they can only take one pet - the cat or the dog?

But what about the dog?

He's the worst, he's already dying leave him, get the cat

Dad's in Las Vegas (because of course he is) so they'll meet up with him in Mexico. But how is her handle on the Spanish language?

They can only take funfair or chocolate cake, WHICH ONE DO WE TAKE MILLICENT?

The question is too much for her, and she loses it completely.

Watch the full video of this epic prank below and see how the brothers finally told Millicent the truth:

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