These grandparents realised their wedding outfits still fit - 50 years later
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Few outfits are more important or sentimental to a couple than the ones they wore to their wedding. Sadly, after wearing them just once, most wedding outfits are consigned to storage, only to be seen in a spring clean or divorce bonfire.

But for 71-year-old Carole-Ann and 74-year-old Jim Stanfield, revisiting their wedding clothes was a bit more special.

Carole-Ann and Jim’s granddaughter Hayley came across their wedding outfits while rummaging around in the loft for old family photos.

Despite not being worn since October 1966 - a whopping 50 years ago – the couple discovered that their clothes still fit perfectly.

Here they are on the big day:

Carole-Ann told the Daily Mail:

When Hayley discovered we still had our wedding outfits, she said we should try them on to see if they still fit.

Jim went up and dug them out - Hayley insisted we put them on, but I said no - they'd been in the loft and they were dusty and smelly.

But she begged and pleaded, so we did it for her - we were gobsmacked when we discovered they still fitted perfectly.

The couple decided to throw an anniversary bash wearing their vintage numbers (even down to the headband):

The couple's advice for a successful marriage? Laughter and respect for each other. Although it might take a bit more exertion than that to fit into a dress you wore 50 years ago.

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