These pictures highlight an obvious problem with Boris Johnson's new attack on Barack Obama

Boris Johnson has proved once again that he just doesn't know when to stop talking.

The mayor of London and voice of Vote Leave was widely criticised for suggesting US president Barack Obama's stance on Brexit is influenced by an "ancestral" dislike of the British Empire.

And in comments made to the Mail on Sunday, Johnson has dug his hole deeper by saying Obama's arguments for the UK staying in the EU are "ridiculous" and "weird":

Barack Obama is entitled to his view... but it is ridiculous to warn that the UK will be at the back of the queue for a free trade deal.

It is very weird that the US should be telling the UK to do something they would not dream of doing themselves.

While the Mail's headline is a bit overblown (surprise!), plenty of people have still been pointing out that when it comes to deciding what is "ridiculous" and "weird", the mayor of London might not have a leg to stand on:

We're just going to leave these pictures here and call them exhibits A - K.

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