These are the heart attack symptoms that occur only in women

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Heart attacks are now one of the main causes of death in the modern world.

The deadly disease often sneaks up on people before they are even aware of any problems.

However, our body does try to send us signals before the attack happens.

These symptoms actually differ between men and women.

Research from the NHS show that 14.6 per cent of women have died in hospital after having a heart attack and that mortality amongst women 54 or under is higher than men of the same age.

The following are the specific signs that a woman should be aware of which can lead to a heart attack.

Please note that these signs aren't guaranteed to lead to a heart attack but if a combination of them are frequently occurring, or if you want some expert advice you should most definitely see your doctor.

Pain in the back, jaw, neck and arms

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Heart attacks are usually associated with chest pain, yet heart problems can give you acute, nagging, sharp or increasingly worse pains in the arms, neck, jaw and back.

These symptoms can even occur at night and will feel like the pain is spreading from your chest to your arms and beyond.

Usually only the left arm experiences the pain but the right arm has been known to be effected too.

However, the pain could just stay in one area and could range from to severe to only a persistent discomfort.

If you notice anything like this you should consult a doctor.

Stomach pain, sickness

Stomach pain is often associated with common forms of illness like the flu for instance but they could also be signs of a heart attack for a woman

Increased abdominal pains which would make a woman feel sick, possibly resulting in nausea or even vomit are a symptom of the disease.

Women who have suffered from the condition compare it to a huge weight, like an elephant, sitting on their stomach.

According to the British Heart Foundation, indigestion, which is often ignored, is also a symptom which should be looked into should it arise regularly.

Cold sweats

Cold sweats are a very common sign of women suffering from the disease.

It could be easy to ignore but is considered to be dangerous if it coincides with chest pain.

You would think it would be associated with stress or anxiety but if you're a woman and have never had cold sweats before you should consult an expert.

Shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue

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A loss of breath, light headedness and fatigue are strong indicators of an oncoming heart attack for a woman.

It's especially worse if you are suffering from any of the other symptoms and feel completely exhausted, as if you had been exercising.

If you have been resting but still struggle to perform simple tasks, like going to the toilet, a woman should visit a specialist.

The NHS say that high levels of anxiety, similar to a panic attack is of concern.

Pressure and pain in chest

Chest pain is obviously the strongest signal that you have a heart problem.

Pain, discomfort and pressure ranging from mild to to severe, effects both men and women with heart conditions.

The NHS define these pains as a feeling of pressure, tightness or squeezing upon the chest.

Usually this discomfort only effects the left of the chest in men but women are more likely to have pain spread throughout the area.

Should the pain not disappear after a few minutes you should immediately see a specialist.

However, there may not be any pain at all for women. A lack of pain has also been reported in the elderly and those with diabetes.

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