Picture: Benjamin Lloyd/Facebook
Picture: Benjamin Lloyd/Facebook

Benjamin Lloyd is a tattoo artist who recently shot to social media stardom for his incredible airbrush art.

Like this car

Picture: Benjamin Lloyd/Facebook

And this horse

Picture: Benjamin Lloyd/Facebook

Before you scream animal! abuse! you'll be glad to know that the ink he uses is completely safe and pain-free to apply.

So safe and pain-free the New Zealand-based artist decided to post the following status on his Facebook page:

50 likes and I'll go to Starship hospital and tat all the kids up.

It's airbrushed on (not permanent) peace.

Lloyd 'tattooed' Jin, a 5-year-old boy whose father had no problem allowing his son to be inked up, and when Lloyd woke up the next day, he had six million hits on his page.

Brodie, a 15-year-old boy with a genetic disorder that causes seizures and problems with his organs also had an appointment at Starship Children’s hospital, saw Jin’s tattoo, and asked Lloyd to tattoo him too...

And Lloyd decided to do a few more...

Although he didn't have written permission from the hospital, parents were very eager to have him tattoo their children

He's pretty awesome...

And the children can't stop smiling

Lloyd has a YouCaring page and he's trying to raise money so that he can continue...

I... have been inspired to now travel the world & donate my talent to create smiles to those in need.

We very much approve.

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