Technology is great.

Why? Because it means you can film strangers sharing an intimate moment in an airport and share it with the entire world in minutes.


Admittedly, this video of an elderly couple embracing at the arrivals gate is rather sweet and might just melt your loveless, icy heart.

The clip was first posted on Twitter by @valeriexjaneeee.

It was also uploaded to Facebook by New York-based musician Chris Perry, who says it was sent to him by a friend.

According to Mic, Perry claims the couple caught on camera, Bernie and Carol, reached out to him after seeing themselves on the internet.

"We were both married 50 years and our partners passed away," they reportedly wrote in an email, adding they married five years ago after meeting on eHarmony in 2008.

Lesson learned: invading the privacy of people you don't know, can sometimes be nice.

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