This is how you can expose Isis using Twitter and Google Earth

Eliot Higgins is the British analyst who, from his home in Leicester more than 3,000 miles away, helped expose Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s use of Sarin gas.

The 35-year-old began blogging about the Syrian conflict as a hobby in 2012 under the pseudonym Brown Moses, after leaving a job in admin.

He had never been to Syria and did not speak Arabic. Now, Higgins runs the crowdfunded website Bellingcat, which recently claimed to have uncovered the location of an Islamic State (Isis) training camp using Google Earth; located where James Foley was killed; and spotted the Buk missile launcher which could have downed MH17 inside Russia - all within a month of reaching its funding goal on Kickstarter.

As well as investigations, with Bellingcat, Higgins aims to help educate journalists, activists and researchers about how to geolocate, verify and investigate images and videos that appear on social media. "There’s so few people doing this you could probably put them in a mini bus and drop them off a cliff," he told i100.

"The biggest issue is that there’s far too much for one person to look at."

It is painstaking work - it took Higgins two to three days to identify where Foley was murdered, yet after the video of fellow American journalist Steven Sotloff being beheaded by Isis first emerged online he was asked if he had verified the location almost immediately.

"Because of James Foley everyone expected me to find the address and postcode within the first 20 minutes [of the story breaking]," he says.

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