This is what happens when you try to take a horse on a bus

Yesterday Boris Johnson challenged LBC to "see what happens if you try to take a horse on a bus". They took him seriously - but reporter Tom Swarbrick's efforts were politely refused by a driver who was waiting for approval from his superiors.

During his monthly Ask Boris slot on the radio show, Johnson said he didn't see why a horse could not be taken on a bus, adding: "Horses used to pull buses after all."

But was the mayor right in his assessment? A spokesperson for TfL told i100: "Clearly the Mayor’s remarks yesterday were light hearted. Of course, a horse cannot be taken on a London bus."

Official guidance given to bus drivers deems that "dogs and other inoffensive animals" are allowed on buses.

However drivers are encouraged to use their own discretion and any dangerous animals, such as a dog without a lead, are refused.

The spokesperson added: "I'm aghast you are even asking this."

TfL guidance is separate for the Tube, where we understand larger animals are not allowed.

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