This is why people are complaining about the Sunday Mirror's sting

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Monday 29 September 2014 16:30

Conservative MP Mark Pritchard is set to make a formal complaint against the Sunday Mirror after a sting which led to the resignation of minister Brooks Newmark.

Mr Newmark resigned on Saturday after being informed that a story about his online flirtation with a journalist posing as a 20-something Tory PR girl, including sending her an intimate image of himself in paisley pyjamas, was about to be published.

However many have questioned the techniques the Sunday Mirror used to get the story, including women who say their pictures were used without their consent. Here are what the key figures involved are saying:

Mark Pritchard

The model

Malin Sahlen is said to be the Swedish model whose selfie became the face of "Sophie", the account the journalist posing as a Conservative PR girl used to swapped images with Mr Newmark. She told Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, that she felt shocked and that the picture was used without her consent.

I do not want to be exploited in this way and that someone has used my image like this feels really awful, both for me and the others involved in this.

I am shocked and it is unpleasant for someone to use the picture without permission.

  • Malin Sahlen

The other woman whose pictures were used without her permission

Charlene Tyler, 26, whose Twitter picture was also reportedly used in one of "Sophie's" tweets told the Daily Telegraph she felt sorry for Mr Newmark, adding "grown adults can do whatever they like as long as both of them are over the age of consent"

I hope the MP is okay. It makes me feel really awful that this will ruin his life.

The fact that a newspaper was stealing my photograph is quite wrong. The newspaper’s taken it too far.

  • Charlene Tyler

The ex-Tory minister at the heart of the scandal

Brooks Newmark, the man at the heart of the scandal told ITV news on Sunday:

I have been a complete fool. I have no one to blame but myself. I have hurt those I care about most.

  • Brooks Newmark

Ipso and the police

i100 understands that IPSO has not yet received a formal complaint from Pritchard, or any formal complaints about the Sunday Mirror's story, but expects to. The Met police said they would look into any formal correspondence once it had been received.

The fake PR/male journalist

The freelance journalist at the heart of the scandal has yet to speak out but Alison Phillips, Trinity Mirror’s weekend editor, said the story was in the public interest.

Brooks Newmark was a co-founder of Women2Win campaign and was at the forefront of Conservative Party attempts to promote more women MPs. Therefore his exchanges with someone he believed to be a young intern interested in politics were wholly inappropriate.

  • Alison Phillips

Lloyd Embley, the editor of the Daily Mirror tweeted this:

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