This journalist is listing all the lies Donald Trump tells every day

This journalist is listing all the lies Donald Trump tells every day
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Last week the Independent's David Usborne pointed out the double standard of people accusing Hillary Clinton of lying about her recent bout with pneumonia, when Donald Trump is teeming with untruths all the time.

Well, Canadian journalist Daniel Dale, who writes for the Toronto Star, is listing all the lies Donald Trump spouts.

Every. Single. Day.

indy100 spoke to Dale about the undertaking of such a monumental task:

What’s the record number of lies Donald Trump told in one day?

I counted 18 false statements on Tuesday. That's the record so far. But I just started doing this.

How do you gather all the information/how long does it take?

I get the information by watching video and reading transcripts of all of his public remarks. It can take a couple of hours, depending on how much he has spoken in a given day.

He doesn't get called out on his lies nearly enough - why do you think that is?

He does of course get called out by many others, all the time. There are a long list of reasons why he doesn't get called out even more: the sheer volume makes it hard to keep up; it can be hard for TV interviewers to check him in real time; they and other media have a traditional reluctance to call a lie a lie, or a false statement a false statement; it takes time and research to do this.

How long do you plan on doing this?

I'll probably do this until the election. Maybe not every single day. We'll see how it fits in with my other responsibilities.

What sort of reactions have you been getting?

The reaction has been mixed, as always, but mostly very positive. For the most part, readers seem to be pleased that someone is providing this information in handy form. And the ardent Trump opponents are happy that he is being held to account in some small way. I've also had many Trump supporters insult me or insist that some of his claims are actually true.

Dale wouldn't speculate on whether or not Trump would become president and how he might behave, but he did say:

The data show that he certainly has a chance to do it!

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