'It was shocking': Man receives text from his dad's phone six years after his death

Photo: iSTOCK / hocus-focus
Photo: iSTOCK / hocus-focus

Six years ago, a 37-year-old man named Stephen tragically lost his father to lung cancer.

He was, therefore, understandably surprised when he received a text message - which simply read 'test' - sent from his dad's phone. As his confusion subsided, he quickly realised that it was simply a message from his mum using his dad's old phone, but the text still startled him and, as he revealed to UniLad, stirred up old emotions.

I felt sad because I miss him. A day doesn't go by when I don't stop and think about him for a bit.

He later clarified the miscommunication with his mum, who later apologised for not warning him.

Stephen also claimed that he was shocked to receive the message for more than one reason:

It was initially shocking to receive a message from my dead father, mainly because he is dead so that is impossible, but also because, when he was alive, I doubt he would know how to send a text message.

He later shared the incident to his now-locked Twitter account and was flooded with heartwarming responses, some of which were stories from users who had also issued been issued posthumous reminders of their late loved ones.

h/t UniLad

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