This men's rights lawyer has been accused of beating his wife

Josh Barrie@JoshBythesea
Sunday 03 January 2016 13:20

A 6ft 8in "men’s rights" attorney has been accused of punching his wife and pulling her hair.

Jeffrey Feulner, 42, who founded the Men’s Divorce Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, was charged with domestic violence battery, a misdemeanour – and pleaded not guilty through his defence attorney Hal Uhrig in a written plea.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Feulner was driving with his wife in his Chrysler 300 on September 18 when he allegedly began shouting.

Ashlie Feulner, 41, recorded their fight on her mobile phone – and her husband of less than a year tried to snatch it away while still in control of the vehicle.

Feulner’s wife filed for divorce three days later.

The police report of the incident stated:

According to the victim, the suspect started hitting her with his hands and fists while swerving the vehicle all over the road.

Officers also noted that Ashlie had suffered a bruise and small laceration. Feulner was arrested two months later and was charged by State Attorney Jeff Ashton.

Feulner is often seen on television and billboards and is said to be a champion of men’s rights in divorce and custody cases, practising law in Florida for 17 years.

His next court date is January 15.

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