This much of all these things will probably kill you (sorry)

Yes, yes, the media is always promulgating scare stories, but have you ever wondered how much chocolate would kill you? The answer is apparently eighty-five full-size bars at once, due to the theobromine content, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The YouTube channel AsapScience has compiled various studies and sources to produce a handy little video guide to how much of certain things can kill you.

Depressing, we know, but also very interesting in some instances.

For example, the link between height and shorter life expectancy is well-documented. What we didn't know is that researchers estimate that every inch in height over 5ft decreases your life expectancy by 1.3 years.

In addition, cherry pips contain cyanide which if ingested when ground could be fatal – don’t bite into too many.

The human body needs to be hydrated to function properly, but six litres of water in a short amount of time could lead to water intoxication.

The cells in your brain swell and the side effects of this include headaches, seizures or comas, possibly resulting in death.

Not drinking enough, or having too much salt leads to the inverse (cells shrinking), with many of the same effects, called hypernatremia.

The air pressure from music played at 185 decibels could burst your lungs or create an embolism which travels to your heart.

Lastly, and possibly most terrifying to this editorial team, 70 cups of coffee can kills a 70kg person, by triggering heart palpitations or cardiac arrests.

To watch the full video , see below:

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